Here new features and changes are listed for the Gleeo Time Tracker Android app and the Gleeo Time Tracker web application.

Change history of the iOS Gleeo Time Tracker app


VERSION 4.1.37 (in review)

  • Pro Version: Set time estimates at domain, project and task level
  • Pro Version: Show time estimate / time consumption in percent for domain, project and task level
  • Update used libraries to the latest version
  • Bug fixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.34 - 4.1.36 (actual)

  • Geofence also available for Pro Version
  • Overlapping and adjusting entries feature improved
  • Use OS theme setting, optional, default is on
  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.33

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.32

  • Bugfixes and optimizations


VERSION 4.1.31

  • Initial version - contains everything the Android app has